Thursday, April 27, 2017

St. Augustine: "Understanding is the reward of faith"

"FOR understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore do not seek to understand in order to believe, but believe that you may understand."

~St. Augustine: Tractate 29, 6, in Tractates (Lectures) on the Gospel of John. 

Allegory of Faith, by Moretto da Brescia;
Oil on panel, c. 1540; The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

St. John Chrysostom: "Christ hath risen"

“WHERE is thy sting, O death? Where is thy victory, O hell? Christ hath risen, and thou art overthrown. Christ hath risen, and the demons have fallen. Christ hath risen, and the angels rejoice. Christ has risen, and life reigneth. Christ hath risen, and not one dead resteth in the grave. For Christ having risen from the dead became the first-fruits of them that slept. To Him be glory and majesty to ages of ages. Amen.”

─Byzantine Pentekostarion, Holy Pascha, Catechetical Discourse of St. John Chrysostom at Matins.

The Resurrection, by Passignano.
Oil on canvas, 1600-25; Pinacoteca, Vatican.

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